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Jump on board!

Can you hear the sound of the blender whirring yet? How about the sounds of your food slowly sizzling to perfection on the grill? Are you ready to wake up to the sounds of the lake coming alive around you?

Well, the boats are ready, the water is up, and the sunscreen is waiting. We've even made the beds and stocked the towels for you.

Jump on board. It's time to play. Call your crew, check your calendars, and lock in your preferred dates for this summer while the best weeks are still available. Happy Houseboating!

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Cash in with new Millennium Savings

Launch your next vacation in style on a spacious 70' Millennium houseboat and
save $200 off the daily rate.

Who will you take along to enjoy all of the fun?

To capture these new Millennium Savings, you need to reserve your dates by May 15, 2010. Just pick a departure date between now and June 30 or from August 15 through New Year's Eve. Stay out as long as you like.

This spacious special is available at Antelope Point Marina on Lake Powell, Callville Bay Marina on Lake Mead, and Cottonwood Cove Marina on Lake Mohave.

Quantities are limited (it seems lots of people need relaxation these days), so set your dates and make your reservation before this deal slips away.

Click here for Millennium Savings details and save!


Check Out The XT Difference.

"What a difference two feet makes" That's a common reaction when houseboaters first board a 59'XT houseboat.

Like the Millennium, the XT is two feet wider than the standard 59' model. Those two extra feet of width do add up to a lot of extra interior space for you and your crew to spread out in (over 90 square feet of extra space to enjoy).

The XT is more than just wider. The ceilings are also eighteen inches higher in the XT. Enjoy a quiet cool breeze from the ceiling fan in the main cabin. That extra height also gives you more head room in the lower cabins. (you don't have to duck to enter unless you are in the NBA)

Close the doors (instead of curtains) on the lower state rooms and enjoy extra privacy. There are also many new upgrades on the XT which should make your voyage more comfortable. Turn on the Direct TV satellite system and notice that there's even an extra TV/DVD setup in the Master bedroom too. (so who gets that room now?)

Check out the floor plan, watch the video, and discover the 59'XT difference for yourself. Just click below:

Check out the XT difference


Pack up the easy way

The Billings family recently wrote in to share their secret for easy food packing and planning for their annual houseboat trip.

Their suggestion is warehouse shopping en-route. "Costco on the way has become a family tradition," says Mrs Billings.

Here's how they do it:

Before they go: They print out sheets with meals listed for each day they will be on the houseboat. "We put em on a clip board to keep things organized." On departure day, they set up ice chests and pack up the vehicles with their gear. Then they head to Costco on the way to the lake.

They head out together, the whole crew,
with only one shopping stop on their way.

"The key is to have the ice chests ready, iced, and take extra large ziplock bags in case we need to repack something."

At the store with a plan: With clip board in hand and mom in the lead, they walk the aisles. "It's really easier this way." She boasts. " We use the list and everyone gets to have some input. The warehouse portions are perfect too when you are taking 12 people out on a houseboat for a week. Everything is packaged and ready to go in houseboat sizes." They usually get in and out in less than an hour. "The key is to have a plan."

The Meals: They typically load up with steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, canned chili, frozen shrimp in sealed bags, double loafs of bread, large packs of hot dog and hamburger buns, large "houseboat size" bags of chips, large tubs of dip, plastic jars of nuts, Popsicles, ice cream bars, eggs, "bacon for the grill," tubs of cut fruit, boxes of fresh fruit, bags of pre-cut and mixed salad, chocolate protein powder for morning shakes, "sweet cereal for munchies, and whatever else looks good at the time." she says. "The secret is to fill in the sheets so we know what meals we have covered."

Extra Stuff: Another fun Billings tradition is the book aisle. Each child gets to pick out a book for the trip and the family as a whole selects a new DVD or two. "Even some of the grown ups pick out books too" she laughed.

The boxes: "The great thing about a warehouse is the choice of boxes of all shapes at the check out stand. The kids love to scour the piles of boxes for ones that will fit and we pack it all ourselves." Out at the car, the meats and frozen items are placed in the ice chests and then the rest goes on top. "We usually let a bag or two of chips escape the packing so we can munch on em for the trip."

Early Board: "We always take advantage of the early board option," says Mrs Billings. "That first day can be hectic getting everyone up and ready, followed by a quick trip to the store on the way to a 5 hour drive to the marina. With early board, we just arrive at the marina late afternoon, get set up on the boat, cook up dinner and then relax. The next morning we are up early for our briefing and ready to go. It is a much better way to launch a trip."

We agree and thanks to Mrs. Billings for writing in. Give your Forever Vacation specialists a call at 1-800-255-5561 or check-in and chat with them online for more information about "early boarding" and your next houesboat vacation.

Happy Houseboating!


Capture Your Memories

Have you ever been on a great vacation and thought, after it was all over, that it would be nice to keep some of your memories somewhere? Well, starting in May, 2010, every Forever houseboat rental will include a special "Forever Journal." to help you log in all of the fun and capture your memories.

Inside you will find a crew sign in page so everyone can log in, a crew photo page to insert your group photo, day stats & entry pages to log in details, a fishing log to record your actual and "official" fishing tales, calendars, a section with children's journaling and activity ideas, a place for your picture CD, and room for everything else.

We hope you'll find it worthwhile and fill it with great memories of your time together, take it with you when you return home, and keep it as a great keepsake of your vacation.

Make journaling a whole family activity. Your crew might enjoy discussing what to "log in" after dinner each night. This is a great way to bring everyone together and an excuse to share stories and laughter.

There is no wrong or "write" way to enjoy a journal like this.
Make it your own, it's our gift to you!

You might also find that a journal like this is a great way to relax after the rest of your crew has gone to sleep... secret a few quiet moments for yourself to remember and record the events, feelings, and fun of the day just passed.

Take advantage of the opportunities inside your journal to keep record of what really is valuable to you and your crew. There is a little bit of structure there and a lot of wide open space for you to use as you like, just like our lakes!

However you use your Forever Journal, it's our gift to you. We can provide the journal, but the memories are up to you!


Step Off Your Houseboat
and back into time...

One Hundred years ago, they had to hike on dry land for long distances to get there.

Now, you can step off of your houseboat, onto a small boat, and soon be walking on the short trail to Rainbow Bridge, trekking back into time with each footstep.

Discover the beauty for the first time
or re-visit once again and feel the magic!

To help you and your crew celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Rainbow Bridge's designation as a national monument, Forever Resorts and Antelope Point Marina are offering a very special package throughout 2010. These fully escorted packages back in time are designed to help you and your crew get the most out of your visit. (click on the link below for details)

Whether you take advantage of the special package tours or not, every houseboat rental on Lake Powell in 2010 will also receive a Rainbow Bridge Centennial commemorative medallion and a copy of the book, Rainbow Bridge - The Story behind the Scenery.

So go ahead, step off your houseboat, back into time, and explore, or re-explore, the beauty of Rainbow Bridge.

Discover all of the details for this very special package


New Special Offer!
Starts April 15th
Save $150 per Day!

Get the jump on this brand new special and discover the fun and beauty of central Missouri at Lake of the Ozarks this summer.

Take your pick from the 56' Getaway, 59' Deluxe, or the 59' XT houseboat, depart Sunday through Thursday, and save $150/day!

Pick any houseboat style

Choose any length of stay

Book by May 15, 2010

Depart Sunday - Thursday

Save $150 per day

So go ahead, take in some of the amazing green at Lake of the Ozarks and save some green of your own!

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- New -
Get Out & Play rate
at Temple Bar
Save $75 per Day

Take advantage of the new Get Out & Play rate on the 50' Forever 8 houseboat and discover the tranquil "Arizona side" of Lake Mead.

Temple Bar Marina, an Hour from Vegas and five from Phoenix, is your gateway to the largest man made reservoir in America.

50' Forever 8 Houseboat

$450 per day

Stay as long as you like

Reserve by May 15, 2010

Reserve your preferred dates by May 15, 2010 and lock in this special rate.

Click here for details


Anglers Alert:
Save time at Lake Powell!

Save some time on your next trip to Lake Powell and get your Utah or Arizona fishing license online.

While Antelope Point Marina is on the Arizona side of the lake, most of the fishing water is actually up-lake in Utah. You may, however, need a license or stamp from both states depending on where you plan to fish.

If you are an Arizona resident with an AZ fishing license, you just need to buy a "Lake Powell Stamp" at the Walmart in Page.

Getting a license online, ahead of time, is easy and convenient. Just click on one of the links below:

Arizona Fishing License

Utah Fishing License


Did you know?

Did you know that Forever houseboats are stocked with sheets, blankets, towels, and fluffy pillows? (soap & shampoo too)

Leave your pillows at home where they belong.


Visualise your own Vacation Values

Back by popular demand at California, Lake Mead, & Lake Mohave properties, and valid for trips starting August 17 through October 15, these packages are a great way to enjoy the
59' Deluxe Houseboat
with your whole crew.

We've thrown in some tasty beverages, ice, a $75 marina store coupon you can use for water toys, souvenirs, or last minute items, and we'll even take care of the final fuel fill-up of your 59' Deluxe.

Visualize your own Vacation Value online or call us at 800-255-5561.

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Portside Musing

"When involved in a food fight, always stick with the side that has watermelons."

Blend In The Fun
This Summer

Your houseboat's blender could be one of the most delicious appliances on your trip this summer.

Contemplating the cool blended fun you and your crew might want make in it, morning, noon, or night, will help make sure you have the right ingredients on board when you need them the most.

Make sure you bring along enough ice cream and extra milk to make enough of these cool favorites. Need extra chocolate or frozen strawberries?

Ice & Fruit Smoothies:
Fresh fruit , juice and ice can make a light summer beverage any time of the day too. Frozen bags of cut up fruit can make this a more convenient taste treat.

Breakfast Shakes:
Some in your crew may have a protein mix or other "morning mixture" they might offer to bring along if asked. Many of these mixes just need water and ice to help deliver a cool high protein start to the day.

Fun for the kids:
Bring along some daiquiri mix and a can of whipped cream. Just add ice, blend, and let the fun begin. (you might want to keep control of the whipped cream)

One for the adults too:
Don't forget the mixer to go along with your favorite agave ingredient. Add in the blender and ice and you're ready to go. (don't forget salt or sugar for the glasses)

Check in with your group before you go. You might be surprised at what they suggest... or offer to bring along!

April 2010 Edition

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