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Summer, it's all about the smiles!


Grab Your 2011 Dates Now

Your 2011 dates are now available for booking with early savings if you act soon.

The fleet of houseboats for next year is yours for the choosing and there will be no better time to lock in the boat that you want and the dates that you need. (think family reunions, Fourth of July, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, birthdays)

Book for 2011 before September 15 and save big time!

Check out these savings:

• Take $250 off your rental and Lock in today's low rates
• Choose any Marina
• Arrive the day before your departure and receive 75% savings off
your Early Board option.

The catch?
To hook these extra savings, you need to book your 2011 dates by September 15, 2010. That gives you a couple of months to round the crew up, check everyone's calendars, and choose your dates.
(Not valid July 1-5, 2011, or on 75' models. Don't delay, the early board option has a limited availability, so reserve your boat and dates before early boards fill up.)

Click here to get started and grab your 2011 dates soon!


Get Up and Save!
Fun Packages ~ August 17 to October 15

Check out the sweet details including a free final fuel fill up (say that 5 times!) in the Vacation Values Package, available for departures August 17-October 15. They might just make the perfect addition to your time on the water.

Here's the deal:
Just book a 59' Deluxe houseboat between August 17 & October 15 at any of the California locations, Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. In addition to a great package price, we've thrown in some beverages, ice, a $75 marina store coupon you can use for water toys, souvenirs, or last minute items, and we'll even take care of the final fuel fill up of your 59' Deluxe houseboat when you return to the marina!

Special Package Pricing:
The special package price for California locations is $780 per day.
Lake Mead and Lake Mohave are $820 per day.

Special Package Bonuses:

Thirst Quenching Fun

4 Cases of Coke Products

4 Cases of Bottled Water

5 Bags of Ice


Substantial Savings

Free Final Fuel Fill up of your Houseboat

$75 Marina Store Coupon

›› Click here for details


Take Your Smiles and Fun Inside Too

Bring your best game:
Don't forget to take along some fun board games, or at least a deck of cards or two. Something about being together on a houseboat at night seems to make old board games just that much more fun.

While Battleship is always a classic spectator battle on any voyage, consider games like Monopoly, Life, Yatzee, or Operation, that give everyone a hand in the action.

Take your music:
Bring along some DVD's, CD's and your I-pod and make the most of the entertainment systems on your houseboat too. Hint: Pre-mix your favorite selections on your MP-3 so all you have to do is plug it into the on-board system and enjoy your favorite mixes.

Share your photography:
Those extra cables that came with your video or digital camera are a great thing to bring along too. (Usually the cables with the yellow, white and red plugs on one end and a plug on the other for your camera) If you have them with you, you can easily plug into the video system on the boat and share the day's pictures with your crew.

Throw in some cool evening beverages, yummy munchies, and your favorite music, and you and your crew will be good to go for a great time inside together too.


Cool Houseboating Hints for Summer

Take extra bags of ice:
Sure, the ice makers on your houseboat will be working overtime for you and your crew this summer, but that ice alone is often not enough to keep all of your beverages cool, the blender full, and your ice chests full.

Bring as much as you can and stop by the marina store on your way out and take a few extra bags along too. Most seasoned houseboaters will tell you that you can never have too much ice on a houseboat.

Freeze before you go:
Speaking of cold, freeze whatever you can before you go. Things like spaghetti sauce, hamburger patties, pesto, and lasagna are excellent candidates for freezing. Many houseboaters recommend that you plan meals using frozen items for later in your voyage.

Keep beverages in ice chests:
Location is key here. Keep your canned and bottled beverages in ice chests on deck. It will reduce your traffic going in and out of the houseboat to the refrigerator and will keep the beverages cold, wet, and closer to where they are needed. Consider using lined plastic tubs for extra ice chests.

Think big with water:
Take along gallon sized bottles or "jugs" of water. Individual water bottles with sport tops are great, but don't last long. Many crews build up epic thirsts out on the water that need serious quenching. Having the larger bottles/jugs along can also make for some great pictures too. Hint: Take a permanent marker and label the bottles with your crew's names or "voyage nick names."

Stay cool and have a great summer!


We're Here For You

Have a question, wondering about availability, or just need some friendly advice?
We're here for you.

Get the answers to your questions with a friendly smile from a live person.

Our houseboat vacation specialists are available to answer your call, or chat with you online, and get you all of the answers you need:

Monday thru Friday
7am to 6pm Arizona MST

Saturday & Sunday
8am to 4pm Arizona MST

Go ahead, give us a call at 1-800-255-5561.

To get to the starting point for a chat window, click on this link: Take me to chat


Jump On Some Fun and Save 10%

Jet into some great times on the water this summer and save 10% with the
Power Boat Discount.

To jump on these savings, just book your water toys for the same length of stay as your houseboat.

Grab your favorites when you make your original booking or add them to your reservation later.

What toys will be on your beach this summer?

Call ahead and make sure that your favorites are reserved and waiting for you: 1-800-255-5561

Click here and save


"Secret Shortcut"
for grilled chicken

Shhhh, don't tell everyone, but this one's just too easy.

The secret is to take along a bottle of fat free italian dressing and a couple of extra large zip-lock bags.

1) Put your chicken breasts into one of the zip-lock bags and add a cup of dressing. Marinate for 5-10 minutes.

2) Cut your veggies into large pieces and put them into the other bag. Coat them with the rest of the dressing, seal the bag and let them marinate.

chicken breast halves

fat free italian dressing


green bell pepper

red bell pepper

large zip-lock bags

Grill the chicken & veggies over medium heat and there you go, tasty and easy!


Grill pineapple?

Why not?
It's quick, easy, nutritious, and most of all, it's a delicious houseboat tradition!

Slow and Low:
The key to grilling pineapple is to cook it slowly on a low heat. You want to heat it up just enough to caramelize the sugars in the fruit and combine them with the smoke flavor from your grill's flames.

Fresh or Canned?
Well the jury is still out on that one. Canned is easier and you get perfectly shaped rings to put on your burgers. Fresh is well, fresh, and you also get the fun of slicing & dicing along with a tropical centerpiece.

What would you do with grilled pineapple?

Rings on burgers?

Spears with grilled fish?

Chunks in salads?

With chicken for dinner?

Under eggs for breakfast?

Over ham for lunch?

With ice cream anytime?

...and for dessert:
Grilled pineapple drizzled with warm caramel syrup. YUM!


Join the fun of the National Safe Boating Campaign.

Click here and Wear It!

Portside Musing

"It has often been said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but I think that's only half the story. I believe that chocolate cake with a little bit of ice cream is the true way to a man's heart, but the quickest way to a restraining order is through brussels sprouts."

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