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Your small boats are ready too!

Your houseboat is booked, your crew is all scheduled, and your meals are all planned. Which watercraft and toys will you want to play with while you're out on the water?

Thinking about something slow and quiet to sneak up on the fish with? Something with a canopy to shade you while you kick back and cast your line? How about a Deck Cruiser or Fishing Boat?

Or maybe something a little faster is your speed, like a PWC, so you can make some waves of your own?

An Open-Bow Ski Boat for the wake-board, water skis, tubes and other toys might just do the trick to keep the whole crew happy.

If you have your own small boat to bring along, great. If you need to rent one to go along with your houseboat, be sure to book it in advance to make sure there are no surprises when you arrive. Here's the number: 1-800-255-5561

There is an extra bonus too, the Power Boat Discount. Just book a powerboat with your houseboat for the same length of stay and save 10%. You can do this at the time of your original booking or add it to your reservation later.

Happy Houseboating!


Get On Early

Take advantage of the "Early-board" option and add a fun dimension to your voyage.

Here is how it works:
Basically, you and your crew just arrive in the late afternoon on the day before your trip starts. Your houseboat will be ready to go and all powered up at the marina, waiting for you.

Check in, unload your gear, take a long hot shower, and settle in for a dockside night at the marina on your houseboat. The next morning, as early as you like, get a fresh start with your crew's full briefing from the marina staff, top off of your fresh water tanks, and then you're ready to head on out for a full day on the water.

The key word for many houseboaters who early-board is "relax." "Getting to the marina on the day before we head out allows us to leave home later in the day and relax on the drive." The arrival also seems more relaxed as "our only goal is to get unpacked, eat dinner, and get a good night's sleep in anticipation of our upcoming adventure."

Fun at the Marina
Discover the fun of staying at the marina. It's a good time to meet other houseboaters and share tips on good fishing spots or sweet beaches. Eating out at the marina restaurant on that first night can also be a fun, social, and easy way to relax into the start of your vacation.

Great Value
The early board is a great value and depending on your boat type, can be less than half of your daily rate, so it's basically like getting an extra day for half price.

Check it Out:
To find out if the early-board option is available for your rental dates, or to see if you can add it to an existing reservation, call reservations: 800-255-5561


Get your group on!

Get your complimentary crew photo taken before you depart by the Forever marina staff.

They're already armed with cameras and photo printers.
All you have to do is corral your crew and smile.

Once you receive your group photo, just slide it into the clear photo page in the front of your complimentary Forever Journal.

Don't forget to have your whole crew sign in too. Captain first!


Kids' activities OUT of the water

What do you think, they're fish? The little ones do come out of the water now and then, and a little planning before the trip can make the "dry time" on board more fun for everyone.

Here are some fun activities to keep them entertained while they are high and dry, OUT of the water:

Journal Time
Bring a blank notebook for each child along with a good supply of markers or crayons. Schedule a specific time each day and suggest a theme. "Draw a picture of the fish dad caught this morning" or "list the things we did yesterday." Have them make a door sign for each cabin telling who's room it is.

Afternoon Crafts
Some families find it productive to have a little quiet time every day in the afternoon. One fun activity it to bring along some old or cheap sunglasses and decorate the rims with foam shapes. These can be purchased at most craft stores and regular school glue should do the trick. Colored paper and scissors will give the same effect. Save those business card sized refrigerator magnets from the phone book and decorate them the same way. Display them on the houseboat fridge for the whole crew to enjoy.

Board Games
Take a few along just in case. You may be surprised how much fun old board games are on a houseboat. Your whole crew will be together in one place and the fun and competition can be priceless. Consider teaming up with the little ones and sharing moves.

Movie Night
Pre-select a fun "kid friendly" movie for one of the evenings and plan a movie night for everyone to enjoy together. Have the children make posters telling everyone what the movie will be and what time it will start. Microwave popcorn and some fun beverages should make everyone happy 'till they fall off to sleep. Cartoon hour in the afternoon is also a good way to get them out of the sun for a rest.

Cameras and Cords
Bring an extra digital camera or video camera for the kids to play with. (They may take better pictures & video than you do) Quiet time in the afternoon or group gatherings after dinner are often great times to plug cameras into the on-board TV monitors and review the footage of the day. Don't forget to bring along the A-V cords for your cameras. (red, white & yellow plugs on the end are what you will need)

The Slumber Party
Bring along the kids' indoor sleeping bags, flash lights, and an extra sheet or two and plan for a slumber party in the main cabin one night. The sheets can be hung across two chairs to make a tent, and the flashlights will help you get the lights turned off earlier. Glow necklaces can also make a fun addition. This is also an excellent activity to keep the top deck clear for the grown ups to enjoy a little peace and quiet under the stars. Hint: have the little ones make signs marking the area off limits to adults.


Great dates are still available!

It's not too late to reserve your favorite dates on the water for this summer.
Just grab your calendar
and "click on in."

Check out these fun summer specials too:

Vacation Value Packages
Our most popular package including Free Final Fuel.

Summer Sendoff Special
Catch some value and
save $80-$100 per day
with special rate discounts.

Rainbow Bridge Centennial
Fully escorted packages from your houseboat to Rainbow Bridge.

Click here to check your favorite dates.


Last Minute Options for the 4th of July
~ on Sunday this year

Celebrate the 4th with a splash and enjoy a long weekend on the water.

There is still last minute availability at:

Cottonwood Cove Marina
on Lake Mohave

Trinity Lake Marina

Temple Bar Marina
on Lake Mead

Callville Bay Marina
on Lake Mead

Antelope Point Marina
on Lake Powell


Thank you
for your service!

Forever Resorts offers a $200 Military Discount on houseboat rentals to Active Military and Veterans.

A 10% discount is also offered on powerboats, personal watercraft and other small boats. Just show your military or veterans ID at the marina.
(one per houseboat rental)


Save 10% on Small Watercraft

Receive 10% off small watercraft rentals when you rent them for the same length of time as your houseboat rental

Call ahead and make sure that your water-toys are reserved and waiting for you: 1-800-255-5561


Will you wear it?

To help you and your crew get ready for smooth waters on your voyage this summer, Forever Resorts continues to offer the $50 Safe Boating Discount to houseboat captains who have completed a state approved safe boating course.

There are also some fun online activities to get your crew up to speed as well.

What will you be wearing out on the water this summer?

Click here and Wear It!

Portside Musing

"I often find that the best part of a houseboat trip is the enjoyment I get from freshly grilled hamburgers. A few pickles, a little relish, and the all-important ketchup, mustard, cheese, and lettuce... tasty. On the other hand, I discovered some years back that perhaps the worst part of any vacation is the feeling you get after consuming way too many hamburgers."

June 2010 Edition

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