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Why install a floating boat lift?

You’ll love how much time you spend on the water, enjoying your boat, instead of worrying about maintenance and storage!

Number one in dependability since 1964, each HydroHoist® is engineered to exacting standards and the highest quality levels to ensure performance and reliability. Finally, rest easy knowing that your investment will remain exactly as you left it, and it will be ready to launch whenever you need.

We have the 6600 and 8800 Series available for lease, and there are many series available for sale. Visit boatlift.com for more information.


When your boat is securely dry-docked on a Lift, its hull and out-drive are safely protected from wind, wake damage, algae. That, along with marine growth, all compromise your boat’s performance, value, and appearance.


With the simple flip of a switch, you can launch or dry-dock your boat in as little as three minutes.  No more trailering, boat ramps, or hull cleaning.  It’s just that easy.

Please provide the following info for hoist installs:

Any questions please contact Amber Walters-Garcia via email [email protected]

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